Today’s Foodism: You’re Freaking Me Out; Forego the Funky Fonts


Today’s Foodism: You’re Freaking Me Out; Forego the Funky Fonts

Donald Knuth

Donald Knuth

Bless their hearts, some restaurants try so hard … a little too hard. The fancy fonts—sometimes too flourishing to read or highly distracting—detract from the real reason for being at a restaurant: to actually order food to eat. Seriously … which would you rather try to read on a menu?


While the latter is impressive, you won’t be dining on the striking script and curlicues. Restaurants take…

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From the diaries of a young Donald E. Knuth



I cannot sing with my voice, but I can sing with my pencil. Who has ears for such a melody?


In northern Italy I had an office somewhere on the fifth floor of a small university. With a view of the local rooftops. One day, while working, I lifted my eyes and glanced out the window, where I saw the church spire darting upwards and, in the distance, mountains. Above their snowy tops, passing by, there were big white clouds. In that moment I was overcome by what can only be described as a feeling of tremendous awe. I felt I wanted to cry and pray.

I also felt I wanted to run onto the balcony and throw myself violently off the ledge.

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Computer programming is an art, because it applies accumulated knowledge to the world, because it requires skill and ingenuity, and especially because it produces objects of beauty. A programmer who subconsciously views himself as an artist will enjoy what he does and will do it better.
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Anonymous asked:

Can u please list some possible responses for when ur parent tells u 2"stop doing that u look silly"or that u just need to"learn how to stop doing that"or "it's all in your head life is full of choices u just have to choose not to do those things"

autisticallykitty answered:

Hello human friend! I am sorry that your parent is being unsupportive of you. Have you considered showing your parent ASANs fact sheets about autism?

When it comes to the specific examples you give it sounds like your parent is telling you to stop stimming or behaving in autistic looking ways. This is bad! No one should be told to stop being themselves. My human friend Amythest and I brainstormed some responses for you.

  • "When I [stim] it doesn’t hurt anyone, and it helps me, so I will keep doing it."

  • "[Negative sensory input] is really bothering me, but doing [stim] helps me deal with [negative sensory input] and takes the pressure off."

  • "I don’t care if I look silly. I would rather be comfortable and happy than look normal."

  • "I could try to learn how to stop doing [stim], but it helps me a lot and doesn’t hurt anyone, so I don’t want to stop."

  • "This is how I naturally express myself. [Stim] is how I show I’m feeling [emotion]."

Also, you could consider showing your parent my human friend Amythest’s youtube videos so they can learn about how important it is to let autistic people be themselves. She made one about stimming and one about passing. I’m in the stimming video! The rest of the video is okay, but the part when I come on is the best part =◠_◠= 

I hope this helps, friend! Good luck with your parent. Remember, being autistic is not a wrong way of being. You are cool and good and deserve to be happy and healthy and comfortable!

Love, Kitty